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Liberating, late 1970s. Nick and Jan Cheyney have recently moved into a dilapidated attic apartment in downtown New York City. Beneath the peeling wallpaper, they are amazed to uncover a message scrawled in lipstick by 1920s dancer Madeline Marsh. Fascinated by the discovery, they are unprepared for the return of its ghostly author, still desperate to become a movie star.


Director and choreographer is Perry award-winning Andrew Winans, with orchestrations, arrangements, and musical direction by Joshua Gregg Fried. The new musical features an illustrious score by Stephen Keeling, lyrics by Shaun McKenna, book by McKenna and Steven Dexter, and is based on the Jack Finney novel ‘Marion’s Wall’. The West End writing team developed Maddie as a part of a Stephen Sondheim masterclass at Oxford before playing an acclaimed run at London’s Lyric Theatre.

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